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Aoos Valley Villages

The visitor coming from Ioannina and after entering the Municipality of Konitsa, the first village that he will encounter is Klidonia, with the famous bridge of Klidoniavista which is built on the cleanest river in Europe, Voidomatis. At a distance of a 7 km uphill route, the visitor will also meet Ano Klidonia from where he will have the chance to admire the magical view of the river valley with its fertile soils. Then, continuing his course towards the village of Kalithea and at a distance of about 4 minutes, the enchanting Konitsa will appear at the foot of Mount Trapezitsa.

Continuing our course to the northwest we meet the villages of Iliorrachi and Kavasila with the famous Thermal Baths or proceeding further west we successively visit the villages of Mazi, Aetopetra, Melissopetra, Kalovrisi and following the left bank of Aoos River, which has now joined with Voidomatis river, we pass through the area of ​​Bourazani and successively we visit the villages of Aidonochori with the famous Holy Monastery of Gkouras and the village of Molivdoskepasto from where we will see the point where Sarantaporos joins Aoos river. 3 km before the village we will meet the well-known Holy Monastery of Molivdoskepasto with the miraculous icon of Panagia of Molivdoskepasto.


ΕΟ Κοζάνης Ιωαννίνων 198, Κλειδωνιά 441 00, Ελλάδα
Kleidonia is just outside Konitsa, at an altitude of 880m. It is 52 km away from Ioannina. The village was called Litoniavista until 1953. Kleidonia is an ideal place for nature lovers. The centuries-old plane…

Ano Klidonia

XMFH+WX Άνω Κλειδωνιά, Ελλάδα
At a distance of 18 km away from Konitsa, on the southern slopes of the peak Tsouka-Koula (altitude 1529 m) and at an altitude of 880 m, lies the old settlement of Kleidonia. Today the…


40.01132417906823, 20.6876744507017
Just outside Konitsa, at the northwestern foot of the "Tsouka Koula" peak (at an altitude of 1,529 m) of Mount Tymfi, south of the river Aoos and east of Voidomatis river, is Kallithea. It is…


Konitsa is a town of 4,000 inhabitants and it is located in the prefecture of Ioannina. It unfolds amphitheatrically at an altitude of 600 m on the slope of Mount Trapezitsa. The town is built…


The village of Iliorachi stretches on a sunny hill slope with a magnificent view of the plain of Konitsa at a distance of 6km west from Konitsa (following a detour of the main road towards…


Kavasila is built on a hilly area full of arbutus (local trees). It is 12 km northwest of Konitsa and 73 km North-Northwest of Ioannina. The village is located south of the river Sarantaporos, towards…


Mazi is a sunny, semi-mountainous village at an altitude of 480m. It is built on a slope of a low hill (covered by mulberries and walnuts) overlooking the plain of Konitsa and the western slopes…


Aetopetra is built on a small hill in the west of the plain of Konitsa at an altitude of 540m. It is 10 km away from Konitsa. The old name of the village was Sanavo.…


Μελισσόπετρα, Κόνιτσα
Melissopetra is built at an altitude of 418m, on a smooth slope, near the right bank of the Aoos river. It is 2 km away from Bourazani and 14 km away from Konitsa. The inhabitants…


On a slope of a green hill and overlooking a small valley of Sarandaporos river, lies Kalovrisi. It is a semi-mountainous village, with an altitude of 424m next to the Greek-Albanian border and Sarandaporos, which…

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