The mountains of Konitsa are considered to be a hiker and mountaineer’s paradise.

This is due to their large number and their extensive surface combined with the fact that one is essentially a continuation of the other, thus forming a single unit. Also, the great variety of terrain and vegetation as well as the existence of many old paths (still in good condition) contribute to this.

The most important element, however, is the preservation of several undisturbed areas, i.e. areas where no roads or other human works have been built that could degrade the aesthetics of the landscape and lead to the disappearance of rare species of flora and fauna.

Many paths lead to the peaks of the great mountains or connect the settlements with each other. Until relatively recently, an extensive network of paths that connected the villages and the places where the daily activities of the inhabitants took place, worked perfectly.

Today, a part of this extensive network is preserved in good condition, mainly the paths, which lead to places of tourist interest as well as those related to the occupations and activities of the few inhabitants around the villages and stables in the mountains (livestock breeding, agriculture, logging, hunting, recreation, etc.). The rest of the trails, especially those at lower altitudes, gradually fell into disuse and were closed or replaced by highways, so they lost some of their walking charm.

The path of Agios Paisios

From the Paternal House of Agios Paisios you can go down and take the path to the left towards the ...
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