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Spring of Chora of Drosopigi

40.211907, 20.914262
On the square of Drosopigi we find the spring of Chora. It is a fountain which was built in 1903 with two stone troughs which were added later. Above the fountain we find the Ameliko…

Bridge of Kantsiko in Sarantaporos of Drosopigi

40.228501, 20.913762
The bridge of Kantsiko or Zerma's bridge is located between the Kantsiko and Zerma villages, being the bridge of Sarantaporos river. In the past nearby operated a mill belonging to the monastery of Our Lady…

Fountain of Tsourainas of Asimochori

40.258824, 20.752632
In Asimochori there is a fountain called the Fountain of Tsourainas which dates back to 1920. Through this fountain the village was supplied by water. The association of the residents of Asimochori founded on July…

Masargia – Rachi Bridge

Unnamed Road, Kastanea 440 15, Greece
It is located in the center of the homonymous district. As creation year is referred 1895 while the parapets were annexed in 1931 while in 1967 repairs  were made to the bridge. The opening reaches…

Galina Bridge

Unnamed Road, Kastanea 440 15, Greece
Located in the homonymous district of Kastaniani north of the town center. It is the work of the years 1936 to 1938 and according to tradition, the artisans used for the construction the same mold…

Girls School of Gannadio

Unnamed Road, Ganadio 441 00, Greece
In Gannadio except Scolarcheio functioned Girls School with four classes in which students were taught mainly housekeeping classes[1].It was built and maintained with expenses of Xynos legacy.  As for the architecture was a simple building…

Xynos Vangelis Mansion

Unnamed Road, Ganadio 441 00, Greece
The night of 28 to 29 June a gang of thieves led by Netzip-aga conducted raid on Gannadio terrorizing residents and then besieged the fortified residence of Vangelis Xynos located in the center of the…

Ameliko of Gannadio

Unnamed Road, Ganadio 441 00, Greece
Ameliko known as "Hotel of the Foreigners" covering the hosting needs of foreigners who visited the village.Located on the east side of the square had two rooms with fireplaces and sofas.  Among its main architectural…

School of Gannadio

Unnamed Road, Ganadio 441 00, Greece
In the year 1864 the late benefactor Spyridon Xynos upon the order of his father Nicholas Xynos allocated to Gannadio all their property for the construction of the Archangels church, of Our Lady (cemetery) of…

Guest house

40.212329, 20.810560
The Guest house with the emblematic name Armoloi is located in the central square of the village. It was built in 1929 with voluntary participation and financial assistance of Pyrsogianni residents. In 1996 its infrastructure…

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