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On a slope of a green hill and overlooking a small valley of Sarandaporos river, lies Kalovrisi. It is a semi-mountainous village, with an altitude of 424m next to the Greek-Albanian border and Sarandaporos, which is the natural border of the two countries. It is 62 km north-northwest of Ioannina and 17 km away from Konitsa. The oldest name of the village was Pyrovitsika.

Today, the villagers are engaged in agricultural work and livestock.

Just outside the village and at a distance of 2km, at the top of a wooded hill with a wonderful view of the whole surrounding area (from Nemertsika to Grammos) is preserved the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos Kalovrisis. It is a historical monument worth visiting and dates back to the 16th century. Ιts main temple is preserved together with a few remains of hagiographies in the dome, while around it, several ruins are scattered from the cells of the monastery.

The visitor beyond the magnificent view can enjoy climbing in the recently completed climbing fields in the area.

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