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The last stop of the route in the villages of Lakka Aoos is Distrato. Ιt is built at an altitude of 1000 m, in the southwestern slopes of the densely forested Vasilitsa (altitude 2248 m) and it is 55 km away from Konitsa. The village consists of three districts and although it was burned down during the German occupation, it remains a well-organized mountain community with several inhabitants, who are engaged in forestry and tourism.

Tombs of Byzantine and Roman times were found in the lower part of the village. It is alleged that there was an ancient settlement at the site of the village. The main professions that the inhabitants had been engaged in for a long time were these of: lumberjack, pine tar producer, coalman, cattle breeder and muleteer.

The inhabitants of Distrato are famous for their skill in logging. By the use of simple means and long before the discovery of oil engines and electricity, they made hydraulic saws in appropriate places. By taking advantage of the power of water, they managed to produce useful timber. The pine tar producers made pine tar by heating a torch in a special way. This liquid was used in the past as a healer for animal wounds, etc. In Distrato there is a Primary School, a community library, a water mill and a snow station.

The central church (dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary) is the jewel of the village and is the center of the three-day festival on the 15th of August. It belongs to the churches of the basilica architecture and was built in 1909 by the master builder Alexis Martsekis from Pyrsogianni. The church is decorated with an ornate winged altarpiece and icons of “Chionadites” painters, painted on canvas.

The chapel of Prophet Elias is located north of Distrato on a hill in a prominent position. On the north side of the church is written the date 1814 though according to testimonies the church pre-existed. The chapel is open every year on July 20th when there is a festival with traditional music and dance.

Distrato has a suitable accommodation for sleeping with remarkable hostels and rooms for rent and tasty food in taverns and cafes. There are also wood carving and waxing workshops and trout fish farms.

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