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Villages of Lakka Aoos

Starting again from the city of Konitsa and this time heading south-east, we visit the villages of “Lakka Aoos” with the well-known villages of Pigi, Elefthero, Palioseli, Pades, Armata and we end up in the village of Distrato and a little further on we meet the Ski Center of Vasilitsa, which is in the limits of the Municipality of Konitsa.


40.07015389974803, 20.785955735089534
A mountain village within the boundaries of the National Park of Pindos and at an altitude of 750m is Pigi. It is located on the Western slopes of Mount Smolikas, inside the valley of “Topolitsa”…


40.05678565979707, 20.854274174900368
Elefthero is located at the foothill of Smolikas, at the Southern end of Mountain Kleftis at an altitude of 904m. It is 82 km north of Ioannina and 22 km away from Konitsa. It is…


40.04371705444921, 20.887380280005917
Palaioseli is built at an altitude of 1080m on the southern slopes of Smolikas between pine and oak forests. The village is 31 km away from Konitsa and it is worth making a stop on…


Πάδες, Κόνιτσα
Pades is built on the southern slopes of Smolikas and at an altitude of 1150m. It is surrounded by rich oak, black pine and spruce forests. Above the village there is a rocky cliff that…


40.03430805266216, 20.967100125244155
On the high slopes of Smolikas and at an altitude of 1,030 m lies the village of Armata with dense forests and many streams. A village with rich logging and deposits of copper and other…


The last stop of the route in the villages of Lakka Aoos is Distrato. Ιt is built at an altitude of 1000 m, in the southwestern slopes of the densely forested Vasilitsa (altitude 2248 m)…

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