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Stone Villages

Heading north-east from Konitsa on the old Highway to Kozani we find the crossroad to the famous “Stone Villages of Konitsa”, Monastiri, Molista and Ganadio. After that we can return to the main road and to the next crossroad we turn right heading to the village of Pournia


40.12167425288954, 20.807193567339354
The picturesque Monastiri (altitude 950 m) is 21.5 km away from Konitsa. It is a small village which until recently was a settlement of the Molista village. It is built at the southwestern end of…


40.12583789238182, 20.813851896338303
The village is built at an altitude of 840m, on a densely forested slope of Mount Kleftis and at a distance of 21.6 km from Konitsa and 4.4 km from the highway. This is the…


40.129728, 20.820601
2.1 Village Gannadio is situated at the foot of Smolikas located 30 km north of Konitsa to the old road of Ioannina Kozani. It has few permanent residents whose number is growing especially during the…


40.12525385596167, 20.845080874107357
As we ascend the beautiful valley of Vourkopotamos, we meet a branch on the right which in 3 km brings you to the picturesque village of Pournia. The village is 25.1 km away from Konitsa…

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