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The Monastery of Stomio of Konitsa


The Monastery of Stomio of Konitsa Following the path that begins from the stone bridge of Aoos river outside Konitsa, after one-hour walking, the visitor reaches the monastery of Stomio. The monastery is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is built at the left bank of Aoos on a natural narrow passage near the gorge that resembles an orifice, to which is due the name of the monastery (stomio means orifice). Northeast of the monastery there is the “Palaiomonastiro” spot where, according to the legends, it was built the former monastery, from which only some parts of the iconostasis, some old icons and several books have been kept. The new monastery was built in 1774 according to the inscription in the entrance. In 1943 it experienced the avenging fury of the German conquerors who burnt it and destroyed it entirely. Since 1950 and then, there had been efforts by the locals to rebuild the monastery. Since 1958, the reconstruction works have been related to an emblematic figure of the area, Saint Paisios. The icon of the Virgin Mary of Stomio is considered to be miraculous and every year a large number of pilgrims gathers in the monastery for the festival of 8th September. 

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