The route starts from the stone bridge of Klidonia in Voidomatis. A well-marked path on the left bank of the river crosses a beautiful riverside forest with centuries-old plane trees.

Enchanting gorge, of rare beauty, that starts from the stone bridge of Klidonia and reaches the western exit of the Vikos gorge between the villages of Papigo and Vikos. Centuries-old plane trees, alder and other trees compose an enchanting setting. Trout live in the frozen waters of the river. It has been, for years, one of the most popular destinations for those who love the sports of kayaking and rafting. With a little effort, along this two-hour route, the visitor will discover the shallow caves (rock roofs), in which the first people lived thousands of years ago. At a walking distance of 1.30 hours from the bridge of Klidoniavista, near the main path that crosses the gorge, the monastery of Agios Anargyros has been built since 1658.

Continuing the course towards the sources of the river, in 20 minutes the path passes through a narrow passage called Kleidi where the largest of the caves was inhabited by prehistoric hunter-gatherers who lived there during the Paleolithic era before at least 10,000 years from now.

From there, in less than an hour, the path ends at the Aristi-Papigo bridge. Just before the end of the route, on the opposite river bank, the Monastery of Spiliotissa (built on a characteristic massive rock) can be seen among the canopy of deeply shaded plane trees.

Difficulty level: low. Travel time: 2.30 hours. Marking: sparse red markings. Altitude gradient: 470m- 550m.