The course starts from the village of Klidonia on the national road of Ioannina-Konitsa at an altitude of 420m with destination the old village of Ano Klidonia. Ano Klidonia is located at an altitude of 880m. Today, the settlement is officially referred to as Ano Klidonia, while a century ago it was called “Litouniavista” or “Kleidoniavista” and belonged to Zagorochoria. The route starts from the center of Klidonia. You ascend, following the old central path used by the inhabitants of Ano Klidonia for centuries and which crosses extensive kermes thickets.

On the way you will come across the Byzantine church of the Transfiguration of the Savior, which was once the catholicon of the Monastery of the same name. After 1.45 hours, the uphill climb ends and you can see the stone Byzantine church of Agios Athanasios and in the background the rare rock formations of Astraka (Papigo towers).

In a little while Ano Klidonia will appear in front of you. It is worth following a 20-minute path in a southerly direction until the monastery of the Holy Apostles, from where you have a nice view of the Voidomatis valley, or you can continue your journey from Ano Klidonia to the neighboring village of Zagori, Papigo, where you will need an extra 1.30 hour.

Difficulty level: low. Travel time: 1.30 hours. Marking: sparse red markings. Altitude gradient: 450m- 900m.