On the hill of Prophet Ilias (altitude 1071m), above Konitsa, there is a take-off runway for paragliding.

Paragliding world cup competitions have also been held here. This elevation offers a fantastic view of the mountains and the entire surrounding area (Konitsa plain, Tymfi, Trapezitsa, Smolikas, Kleftis, Grammos and Nemertsika). It is reached by a 2.5 km paved road, starting from the chapel of St. Athanasios, above Konitsa.

The hill “Profitis Ilias” above the city is the best point in Greece for paragliding because those who climb to 9,000 feet can see the gorge of Aoos and Vikos, the dragon lake of Tymfi and Smolikas, the river Aoos and its pass to Albania, Mount Grammos, Trapezitsa, etc. That is, a landscape relief unique in the world.