The starting point is the intersection for Ailias. Just to the right, a sparsely marked path begins in a southerly direction. After about 150-200 meters, it turns sharply to the left and meets the Megalochorafo location. Then, it enters a pine forest and after 15-20 minutes we reach the Asprochomata location. As we pass Asprochomata, we come across an intersection on the right that leads to the peak of Aiminadia in about 1 hour. From Aiminadia we have an amazing view of all Tymfi mountain as well as Konitsa and its plain. From here, 2 paths continue. One towards the location of Karoutia from where the hiker can continue to Roidovouni and the other continues downhill to Paleomonastiro and Aoos and finally back to Konitsa. The route also can be done from Konitsa on the path that leads us to the chapel of Agia Varvara and the Venetian castle. The path continues from the Castle and reaches the peaks of Trapezitsa at the location at Aiminadia.