Konitsa (and the wider area that surrounds it) is an undiscovered paradise for off-road motor sports in Europe. The sport of Enduro is gradually blossoming in Konitsa by the group of local riders in recent years, creating trails and carving off-road routes of many kilometers with as little interference with the natural environment as possible. We mark permanent routes with different degrees of difficulty, open and safe to all Enduro and On/Off enthusiasts. The rider can enter dirt marked routes and trails starting right through the city center of Konitsa. By following some of the basic routes, the rider has the possibility to ride on many different terrains and with a large altitude difference as the routes circle the entire area of ​​Konitsa, crossing the plain and the valley of the Aoos River from an altitude of 450m and reach paths with an altitude of up to 1,700m. An equally important advantage is the fact that the routes pass through historic villages near the Greek-Albanian border, such as the Mastorochoria villages, the village of Aetomilitsa (altitude 1,430 m) etc. There is a huge range of routes with a low to very high degree of difficulty, thus satisfying every rider according to his level and preferences. The view is unique and unbeatable on any route chosen by the rider.