In the wider area of ​​Konitsa, there are certain areas that have been established as Wildlife Refuges or temporary hunting ban areas. Although in these areas the human presence could be more discreet and special care should be taken in a scientific way to protect wildlife, usually the only restrictions applied are for hunting. Wildlife Refuges may be contained within other protected areas such as National Forests, National Parks and the Natura 2000 areas, since the establishment of these does not necessarily exclude hunting. Wildlife Refuges and areas of temporary prohibition of hunting in the wider area of ​​Konitsa exist in the gorgee of Aoos, in Tymfi, in Trapezitsa and to the south of Smolikas between the villages of Pades and Armata. There are also other Wildlife Refuges in the Valley of Sarantaporos River between the villages of Pirgos and Pirsogianni and in the highlands of Grammos, specifically in the steep rocks near the village of Plikati and in the forests and plateaus of Aetomilitsa.