Run through virgin forests, beautiful trails and mythical locations. Smolikas, Trapezitsa, the northern side of Tymfi and the gorge of Aoos with the Stomio Monastery are within walking distance from your starting point. Crossing Smolikas from Agia Paraskevi to Pades or to Palioseli will leave you amazed as you pass Drakolimni (=dragon lake), while before and after you will quickly be in the shade of centuries-old pines. In Trapezitsa, you will enjoy the unique view that makes you think you can touch Gamila peak, while the northern one of Tymfi will bring you under all its peaks. The locations of: Myga, Limeria Klefton, Davalista and Kerasia are just a few of those that the path network invites you to join!

The trails are part of the TeRA 80km mountain running race (Zagori Mountain Running). The “Kerasia” trail is an old pass that has been cleaned and marked in recent years and it is now included in mountain running races (Evathlon).