In the past, horse riding was one of the sports of the nobility. The development of technology and the shift of man to machines have removed the horse from our lives to a very large extent.

Most people today, especially young people and city dwellers, have lost touch with the horse and perhaps quite a few are afraid of it. In recent years there has been a shift in the world’s interests and people are turning to activities that take place in nature as a means of relaxation, fun, entertainment and escape from the stress and bustle of cities.

Activities such as horse riding (touring the forest on horse) have begun to attract more and more people. Usually these excursions are made with the participation of novice riders, without this meaning that there are no programs for more experienced riders. It’s a great and easy way to experience the “scent” of another era and feel a little knightly.

Today, the routes with trained horses through the forest or by the river, gives you the feeling of contact and cooperation with one of the nature’s proudest animals. The alternative tourism companies of the Konitsa region can offer unlimited opportunities to horse riding lovers, whether they are going to cross paths or the rivers of the region during the summer months.