From the mountains of Konitsa, the rocks of Tymfi (only the limestone ones) are suitable for climbing. The Tymfi climbing area is one of the most remarkable and at the same time difficult climbing areas in Greece. From 1955 until today, several climbing and descending routes have been carved on this mountain, and mainly on the Astraka (2436m) and Gamila (2497m) peaks, which include a variety of degrees of difficulty.

A climbing field is located in the area of ​​Amarantos, next to the thermal baths of the area, offering easy access, accommodation possibilities and very good rock quality. A second climbing area was created near the village of Kalovrisi and very close to Bourazani which is an area of ​​special natural beauty. Finally, just 2 kilometers from the town of Konitsa, a climbing field of small and medium difficulty was created in the gorge at the “Bousi” location. The climbing excursions in the above climbing fields can be combined with other activities such as hiking, mountain biking, etc.