Welcome to the Municipality of KONITSA Τhe “Land of Stone Bridges”

The Municipality of Konitsa is located at the northern tip of the Epirus Region. It includes 46 settlements and the population of the municipality is close to 6,500 inhabitants. The municipal administration center is the city of Konitsa.             

The area includes large mountain massifs, is covered by extensive forests and  is crossed by large rivers (Aoos,Voidomatis,Sarandaporos) that are bridged by countless stone bridges.               To the north west is the mountain range of Grammos (2520 m.). In the center and to the east dominates the second highest mountain in Greece, Smolikas (2637 m.) And a little further Vasilitsa (2249 m.) with the ski center. To the southeast is the ravine of Aoos, formed between Trabezitsa (2024 m.) and Tymfi (2497 m.), While to the southwest is Dousko and Meropi or Nemertsika (2455 m.) which enters the Albanian area.        

The largest part of ​​the municipality of Konitsa is located within the boundaries of the National Park of North Pindos and within the boundaries of the Vikos – Aoos Geopark which is protected by UNESCO (World Heritage Site). The richness and diversity of the natural environment of the Municipality of Konitsa rightly characterizes it as”The Greek Alps”. In  the municipality of Konitsa there are 6 Areas of the Natura 2000 Network, 4 Landscapes of Special Natural Beauty, 63 Preached Monuments by  the Ministry of Culture and 83 Preached Monuments by the Ministry of Enviroment.In the area one can visit traditional settlements (Mastorochoria, Ano Kleidonia and the upper part of the city of Konitsa),  old Byzantine monasteries, stone bridges and also the largest and tallest single-arched stone bridge in the Balkans with a height of 21 m and a width of 36 m in the city of Konitsa, Paleolithic settlements, watermills, various museums. At the same time, he can participate  in the  40 traditional festivals throughout the summer,engage in 21 activities in nature, such as: Hiking, trekking, canyoning, rock climbing, trail running, via ferrata, nature observation ,horse riding, paragliding, kayaking, rafting, fly fishing, ski touring, alpine downhill skiing, snowboard, mountain bike ,off –road car driving, off road motorcycle riding, river swimming,etc. but also to spend moments of relaxation in the thermal baths of the area in Amarantos and in Kavasila. Also the visitor can taste our local products by tasting the local cuisine with the special traditional cooking recipes.Visit and reveal the incredible beauty of  the area of KONITSA with the promise of gaining an unforgettable travel experience and pleasant memories.