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Sarantaporos Valley Villages

Heading northeast from Konitsa we find the villages of Trapeza and Nikanoras. There, we will meet the Holy Monastery of Agios Nikanoras which miraculously “rests” on a stone rock and which gives us an amazing view of Mastorochoria villages.

We meet the intersection for Pirgos (with the wonderful view) and continue towards Kastanea, a village which is an exceptional sample of the traditional architecture.

And our journey continues in the direction of the borders of Western Macedonia, successively passing the intersections for the villages of Lagada, Theotokos, Kefalochori, the wonderful Drosopigi and Plagia with its famous bridge.


40.109419497435745, 20.758220075990543
Trapeza is a mountainous village of Konitsa and it is built at an altitude of 720m. It is located next to the National Road of Kozani-Ioannina and it is southwest of Sarantaporos river. It is…


40.09143739490862, 20.781107454792426
Among the dense oak trees is situated the village of Nikanor or Nikanoras. It is a mountain village at an altitude of 720m. It is located on the western slopes of Mount Smolikas and on…


40.160124082847446, 20.784491519990496
At an altitude of 940 m, near the border of Greece with Albania, is Pirgos. It is a mountain village in the west of the river Sarandaporos at the point where it joins Vourkopotamos river.…


40.188339, 20.839826
Village Kastaniani is built at an altitude of 880 meters on the western foothills of Mount Gyftissa (1750 meters) and is 28.7 km from Konitsa. One of the main features of the village are the…

Lagkada (Mblisdiani)

Unnamed Road, Lagkada 440 15, Greece
Located at an altitude of 900 m on the west slope of a valley that is formed north of the mountains Tampouri and Gyftissa, the village of Lagkada (or Mblisdiani as it was its former…


Next to the national road of Konitsa-Kozani, at an altitude of 700 m and at a distance of 33 km away from Konitsa, you will meet Theotokos. The oldest village (called Phytoko) was built higher…

Kefalochori (Loupsiko)

The village of Kefalochori (old Loupsiko) is the outcome of development of one of the three villages (Ramsta, Mesochori, Loupsiko) that existed in this area in the past. Predatory raids of 1870 have led to…

Drosopigi (Kantsiko)

Unnamed Road, Drosopigi 440 15, Greece
The village of Drosopigi or Kantsiko is one of the Mastorochoria villages where people in the past became well-known in a particular field of technical expertise, this of barrel-making, along with their activities in agriculture,…

Plagia (Zerma)

Unnamed Road, Plagia 440 15, Greece
The village of Zerma is located at an altitude of 1060 m and is 41 km away from Konitsa. It is a relatively new village which was created in 1970 as landslips have forced its…

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