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The old school of Asimochori


The reconstruction of the school according to information we receive from “Defterion of Our Lady Temple” beginning on February 24, 1907. On that token are written the the expenses for the construction and the equipment of the building from June 1907 until September 1912. According to the fitted plate the foundation of the school was held in August 1908. Before its foundation existed another school next to the temple of Our Lady for which there is a reference to a document of the elders as “a school built on 1864, small and insignificant” Between 1873 and 1892 the courses were held in the narthex of Our Lady Temple. From 1894 until 1913 in Ameliko when it was destroyed by fire. From 1916 until 1918 the school was requisitioned by the Italians when the lessons were taking place in ameliko, zenana and the living room of Our Lady.

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