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The Kleidonia’s bridge


The bridge is situated near the village of Kleidonia and was built in 1853 having a cost of 37.000 piasters (old Turkish currency), all paid by Balkiz Hanum. The height of the bridge is 9.15 m, the length of its arch is 20 m and the width of the road is 3.20 m. The bridge’s history is related to the legend of a bloody fight between the Geranis’ and Stamatis’ families, which took place during an ambush. The rivalry existing between the two powerful families of the village of Saint Minas has led the members of the Stamatis’ family to set up an ambush for the bridal procession of the Geranis’ daughter. The fight took place onto the old bridge, which collapsed in the beginning of 19th century and gave its place to the new construction that we see nowadays. 

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