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School of Vourmpiani


The School of Vourmpiani was the result of the efforts of the “Educational Brotherhood of the residents of Vourmpiani” founded in 1883 in Athens. From 1888-1889 will start the operation of the “Normal Greek School” (school of six classes) in a new building the construction of which began in 1885 near the position of the “old school”. It functioned as School, Girls, Boys’ School and later Boarding School is founded in which live children from the surrounding villages and the region of Colonis (Erseka) and Leskoviki of Albania. The Brotherhood supplied the School with books and stationery while the Guardianship for proper operation had the bishop of Vella and Konitsa. The School of Vourbiani worked under this regime until 1913 when after the annexation of the region in the Greek state it came under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. In 1918 due to the subsidence the location was deemed unsuitable and they decided to build a new building in 1925. The completion of the building took place in 1929.

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