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School of Gannadio


In the year 1864 the late benefactor Spyridon Xynos upon the order of his father Nicholas Xynos allocated to Gannadio all their property for the construction of the Archangels church, of Our Lady (cemetery) of the School, the Primary School, the Girls school, workhouses, webber, aqueduct and mill .The primary school was housed on the lower floor of Spyridoneios School while on the top floor was housed the Greek School (Scolarcheio). In these schools studied children from the neighboring villages, Messaria, Botsifari, Staritsiani, Kerasovo, Fourka, Kastaniani, Stratsiani and Kortinista: The Elementary School and Scolarcheio(Spyridoneio School) appointed the best teachers of Epirus with increased wages. They will function normally until 1922 when their operation will be stopped with that of Scholarcheio being permanently discontinued in 1928.Children finishing their education at Spyridonios School they continued their studies either at the high school of Tsotili or the one at Ioannina.

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