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Built at altitude of 1240 m, within the valley of Gorgopotamos, the village of Plikati is a mountainous community of the former municipality of Mastorochoria, which is known for the beauty of the natural landscape that surrounds it. Around the village there are endless forests of oaks, firs, pines and beeches while plenty of springs create numerous streams. Plikati is the birthplace of many stone craftsmen who move often in search of seasonal occupation. Craftsmen from Plikati can be found in Athens, Missolonghi, Thesprotia and abroad (Asia Minor, Russia). However the village is closely related to the icon of Virgin Mary of Plikati, which was revealed in a miraculous way, indicating the place to build the church. The old temple of 1775 was renovated completely and every year on 16th February pilgrims are gathered to join the procession of the miraculous icon. Part of the iconostasis of the old temple is kept in the church of Saint Athanasios (17th century), which is also known for its wood-carved ceiling.


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