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Our Lady Temple of Asimochori


Year of Creation 1877. It is built in the eastern part of the village in the lower neighborhood. 1877 is referred as the creation year but the temple has been renovated after the 1940s. For the reconstruction of the temple sought the assistance of Christakis Efendis who lived in Istanbul and Constantine Zappas who lived in Vlachia while they receive permission from the bishop of Vella and Konitsa for the conducting of fundraising to strengthen the construction of the temple. According to written records and oral traditions, the history of the temple dates back to 1823, while according to others in 1772. This date is marked on the halo of Christ in the image of Our Lady of Liskatsitisa which is the oldest image of the temple. The iconostasis is carved by wood artisans (taliadoroi) of Tournovo (Gorgopotamos).

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