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Lagkada (Mblisdiani)



Located at an altitude of 900 m on the west slope of a valley that is formed north of the mountains Tampouri and Gyftissa, the village of Lagkada (or Mblisdiani as it was its former name) is one of the most active and lively villages of the region, having two units of logging and wood processing, two agricultural forest cooperatives and several stock raising units. Nevertheless it is also the birthplace of well-known stone craftsmen. Through legends and history, carved on the plaques of mansions and churches, they reach us today the stories of the people from Mblisdiani who worked in the construction of mansions in Siatista and of churches in the wider region of Thessaly, where many families of craftsmen have moved to in 1863. The visitor of Lagkada will have the opportunity to admire the central temple of Holy Virgin, the old school and the country church of Saint Paraskevi, which is decorated with outstanding pieces of art by painters from Chionades village.

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