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Kefalochori (Loupsiko)



The village of Kefalochori (old Loupsiko) is the outcome of development of one of the three villages (Ramsta, Mesochori, Loupsiko) that existed in this area in the past. Predatory raids of 1870 have led to the abandonment of Ramsta and Mesochori. Loupsiko has been annexed to Greece along with the rest areas of Epirus and in 1928 it has been renamed to Lykorachi. Landslips of 1967 have caused the transfer of the village to “Ampelia” spot, which was renamed to Kefalochori in 1978. The village of Kefalochori has a particularity as the main activity fields of its residents were agriculture and stock raising, while the few craftsmen that have come from this village have been incorporated to the groups of Pyrsogianni. There have been also many young people from the village that preferred to leave abroad, emigrating to Germany, Australia and Sweden. The main activity of the villagers still nowadays remains cattle raising. There are two buildings in the village that are worth visiting, the Fasoulis Folklore Museum and the church of Saints Constantine and Helene at the square, with the painted wood-carved iconostasis, a piece of work by Konstantinos Skalistis from Gorgopotamos (Tournovo).   

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