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Holy Monastery of Molyvdoskepastos



At a distance of 22 km from Konitsa, in the intersection of rivers Aoos and Sarantaporos, it comes into sight the “Holy Royal and Cross-founded Monastery of Virgin Mary of Molyvdoskepastos of Konitsa”. According to the tradition, it got its name from the lead plates that covered the roof of the temple, which were removed over the years. Being Cross-founded the Monastery was directly under the auspices of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople till 1907. The beginning of its history is lost in legends. According to the inscription, kept till today on the door that leads from the main temple to the narthex, the monastery was founded by the Constantine IV called The Pogonato, Emperor of the Byzantine Empire during 668-685 A.C. According to the same inscription, the monastery was firstly renovated in the years of Andronikos Komninos while the second restoration took place in 1522 at the expenses of the residents of Pogoniani. The mural paintings of the temple of the monastery stand out for their technical perfection starting from the 13th century and reaching up till the 18th century. However, point of interest remains the icon of the Holy Virgin (the so-called Pogonianitissa) which is connected to numerous miracles and is especially honored by the residents of the wider region, who gather together every year on 15th August, day of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, in order to watch overnight the vigil taking place outdoors in the courtyard of the monastery.

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