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The village of Drosopigi or Kantsiko is one of the Mastorochoria villages where people in the past became well-known in a particular field of technical expertise, this of barrel-making, along with their activities in agriculture, cattle raising and viniculture. According to the tradition, in the middle of the 19th century, the death of almost 50 barrel-makers, living in Drosopigi, during a shipwreck where they were drowned, came as a severe shock to the villagers. Men that came from other regions of Greece got married to the widows and became responsible for the care of these families. After this shipwreck, main area of barrel-making craft shall be the village of Tyrnavos in Thessaly where the first families from Drosopigi shall emigrate in 1875 and they will mark the beginning of a powerful community of people from Kantsiko in the region. In 1903 migration flows to USA begin. There it is founded by emigrants the “Ecclesiastical Society of Kantsiko”. In 1911 it starts a new migration flow to Africa and more specifically to Khartoum in Sudan, where the people of Kantsiko work on the railway projects. Distinctive landmark of the village is the stone bridge in Sarantaporos river, founded in 1747 according to the embossed inscription on a built-in plaque. 

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