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Asimochori (Liskatsi)



According to an old legend, the village has taken its name from the Serbian word “leska” which means hazel, as, according to Mr. Vasilios Christou, “it is framed by two tributaries of Sarantaporos river and surrounded by a thick forest of firs, pines, beeches and oaks, which have given it also the name “dasochori”, meaning the village inside the forest”.  Many outstanding wood carvers and craftsmen came from the villages of Asimochori and Gorgopotamos, who have reached higher levels of wood carving and sculpture, not just being simple carpenters.  These craftsmen shall travel and work in many areas of Greece (Ioannina, Pogoni, Zagorochoria, Domokos, Larisa and Volos) and abroad (Albania, Plovdiv, Istanbul, Khartoum and USA). In 1915 at USA the people coming from Asimochori and living in Salamanca of New York will found the association “Saint Paraskevi”. Inside the seven churches that exist in the area we can find great samples of their craft, of which the most important is the iconostasis in the temple of Holy Virgin of 1885, that is carved by ancestors of the well-known wood carver Vasilis Skalistis, originated from Tournovo (Gorgopotamos). 


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