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Mazi is a sunny, semi-mountainous village at an altitude of 480m. It is built on a slope of a low hill (covered by mulberries and walnuts) overlooking the plain of Konitsa and the western slopes of Mount Tymfi. It is located on the border of Greece with Albania in the valley of Aoos. It is 3 km north of the union of Voidomatis and Sarandaporos rivers. It is 63 km North-Northwest of Ioannina and 8km from the center of Konitsa and is crossed by the provincial road of Konitsa – Aetopetra.
Its inhabitants are engaged in agriculture in the fertile fields of the plain of Konitsa and in animal husbandry.
Entering Mazi, you will see at the entrance of the village, a stone fountain. Continuing your course, it is worth visiting the Museum of Natural History and Folklore, which houses exhibits dating back to the 19th and 20th century. Also, in the museum, you will see the natural history section, the folklore section and the agricultural section. You will be thrilled by the weaponry items of different eras which are exhibited in the same space.
The central church of the village is Agios Nikolaos (1865). Some places of interest are the chapels of Profitis Ilias (1895), Panagia Evangelistria (1760) which was the old central church of the village, Agios Efthimios (1895), Agios Constantinos and Agios Georgios.
The village has three nice taverns (that offer tsipouro) and cafes. A festival is organized on the 20th of July by the Association of Mazi, as well as a daily feast on May 21st.

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