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Next to the national road of Konitsa-Kozani, at an altitude of 700 m and at a distance of 33 km away from Konitsa, you will meet Theotokos. The oldest village (called Phytoko) was built higher at an altitude of 1000 m at the place of Megali Rachi and then it was relocated to the site of the current settlement after the war.

The new settlement of Theotokos (located next to Sarandaporos) consists of a few houses and a few taverns and cafes that willingly offer their services to tired travelers. There are few ruins left from the old Phytoko.

The villagers of Phytoko, either due to disasters or due to financial difficulties, spread to the Balkans and even further into southern Russia, where they traditionally practiced – like the inhabitants of most villages in the surrounding area – the profession of builder.

Today, if you go up to the old village, you will find, among the destroyed houses, the half-ruined church of Agios Dimitrios, while a little further, on the top of a hill (altitude 890 m), it stands the chapel of Agios Athanasios (1624) with its remarkable murals.

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