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Elefthero is located at the foothill of Smolikas, at the Southern end of Mountain Kleftis at an altitude of 904m. It is 82 km north of Ioannina and 22 km away from Konitsa. It is built in a location with a lot of running waters. The wooded slopes of Mount Trapezitsa offer an incredible view. Thanks to the favorable location of the village, its inhabitants maintain gardens and they grow horticultural products (mainly beans, broad beans and potatoes). The old name of the village was Grisbani. It was renamed to Elefthero in 1927.

The element that characterizes the village is the existence of churches and chapels and also the strong presence of water, which is found in the watermills (in and around the village). You will be impressed by the bell tower of Agios Nikolaos (built in 1866) as well as the castle, the ruins of which are still preserved today.

The churches of Panagia and Agios Minas are newer. The chapel of Agios Dimitrios, according to an inscription above its entrance was built in 1958. In the interior there are some old icons such as the one which is dedicated to the Saint of the temple and dates back to 1972. Some other chapels are: Prophet Elias, Agios Anargiros, Agios Georgios, the Transfiguration of the Savior and Agios Athanasios.

It is worth visiting the water spinner of the village which is work of the Association of the village. It is located above the “Vakoufios” mill and is a circular tank made of cement, wood-lined so that the textiles are not damaged. The water falls with pressure on its end, turning the clothes for 10 to 15 minutes and thus, the washing is done.

Elefthero is situated in such a place that can satisfy with its view even the most demanding visitor. Just before the village, on the road from Konitsa (4 km) there is a waterfall with a height of 35 meters and has a remarkable view.

Furthermore, the unique gorge of Aoos together with Drakolimni, which is located on the slope of Smolikas and at an altitude of 2200 meters, are breathtaking. 

Finally, every year, on the 6th and 7th of August, the village festival takes place. The locals and visitors can listen to traditional music and enjoy the local dances. In the central square of the village, there is a café that is open daily and a tavern that opens during the holidays.

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