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The village of Vourbiani is built on the northeastern slopes of the Kardari peak (1955m), which belongs to the Grammos mountain range, at an altitude of 885m and is surrounded by dense oak forest. The village is 5 km away from Pyrsogianni and 31 km away from Konitsa. A unique feature of the village is the many churches (around 15) that are in and around of the settlement. 

The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary stands out in grandeur. It is located in the center of the village and was renovated in 1903. To this day, part of the wooden carving of the winged altarpiece of the old temple (built in 1780) survives and the remarkable icons of “Chionadites” painters are kept there. In the winged altarpiece of the Temple is the icon of St. George, which is the oldest dated work of the “Chioniadite” painter, Konsta (1747). The Temples of the Holy Apostles (1824), Agios Dimitrios (1859), Agios Ioannis (1808) and Agia Paraskevi are also impressive.

You will be impressed by the old stone mansions of the village, the fountains and the bridge to the Vineyards that was built in 1872.The inhabitants of the Community were also distinguished in education. The first nucleus of the Educational Brotherhood was founded in Vourbiani in 1875, a school that was to become a model school for the whole province of Konitsa.

Today the visitor is worth seeing the stone-built two-storey historic School Office of Vourbiani, a spiritual “lighthouse” of the area since the middle of the 19th century. In recent years and until the year of 1986 the school operated as Primary school, high school and boarding school. 

Several events take place in the village. Every year on 20th July, on the day of Prophet Elias and August 15th, traditional festivals are organized. During the Greek Carnival, the event of “Haraboutziounia” is organized with the lighting of the fire. In addition, a “tsipouro” festival is organized at the end of October. A stop in the stone square of the village with the traditional cafe and the traditional guest house (with restaurant) is considered a must for the visitors.

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