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Amarantos is built on the slopes of Grammos, in the south of the peaks of Kamenik (at an altitude of 2,042m) and Maria (1637m) and it is among a rich forest of oak, beech and black pine trees, near the sources of the river Ziasaka. It is a mountainous village in the area of Konitsa at an altitude of 960 meters and it is 87 km North- Northwest of Ioannina and 25 km North of Konitsa. The old name of the village, until 1927, was Isvoros.

Before reaching the village, in a green location, you will see the stone watermill and its single arched stone bridge. Walking through the village, you will come across buildings that have been preserved until today. The church of Agios Georgios (built in 1889) is worth visiting.

Amarantos is worth visiting for the Steam Baths which are unique in the whole area of Europe. The Steam Baths are located at an altitude of 1260m and they are 5 km North Northwest of the village, 94 km North of Ioannina and 30 km North of Konitsa. The special feature that makes the Amarantos Baths impressive and makes them stand out is their operation with natural hot and humid air (steam) that emerges from the earth. The Baths have modern facilities, individual rooms and baths for bathing and inhalation. As it has been proven, they have healing properties and are suitable for many diseases, especially rheumatism, skin diseases, anemias, chronic gynecological inflammations, chronic bronchitis etc. The temperature of the steam that comes out from the earth is 33°- 38°C.

The wider area of the Amarantos Baths belongs to the Vikos- Aoos Geopark which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site “a place of high geological diversity, but also of exceptional scientific and educational importance, rarity and beauty”.

Around the Baths and due to their beneficial properties, the area has been highly developed and has developed into a tourist summer resort with hotels, rooms to let and restaurants.

The area is suitable for a number of organized alternative tourism activities, such as hiking, mountaineering and climbing, 4×4 trails, mountain biking and horse riding. 

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