The path from Pades has a northerly direction to the location of “Pande el Bizanio” and from there successively to the locations of Mougkrila and Mougkourida.

From there in about 1.30 hours you reach Misorachi (2200m) and then in an easterly direction very soon you reach Drakolimni (2150m). In 1.30 hours, still heading east, the path climbs to the top.

From Pades to the place of Mougkrila (1800m) you can also take a forest road with moderate to poor access. The route is not well-marked and, as in the previous case, it passes through beautiful black pine and beech forests.

Degree of difficulty: moderate. Travel time: 6 hours. Marking:   Altitude: 1100m- 2637m.