The starting point for the main ascent to the mountain is Konitsa, specifically the church of Agios Athanasios, located on the road between Konitsa and Elefthero.

From there you go uphill to the right, initially on a slope – there is an indicative sign – and then in old fields, enter the forest and follow a south-easterly direction. You pass the locations of Asprochomata and Goni and immediately after follow the left branch of the route that takes you directly to the top.

Alternatively for the return, you can follow the ridge for a while towards the neighboring Roidovouni and immediately afterwards descend to the location of Karoutia at 1750m. The only spring of the mountain with water all year round is located there.

From there after a short course towards the west you reach a gap west of the peak, from where descending on a well-marked path you meet the ascent path which is followed downwards. The entire route takes place in dense vegetation of firs, black pines, beeches and tall exquisite heldreich’s pines.Degree of difficulty: moderate. Travel time: 4.30 hours. Signage: yellow signs. Altitude gradient: 900m- 2022m.