The starting point for the main ascent to the mountain is Konitsa, specifically the church of Agios Athanasios, located on the road between Konitsa and Elefthero. Just to the right, a sparsely marked path begins in a southerly direction. After about 150-200 meters it turns sharply to the left and meets the Megalochorafo location. Then, it enters a pine forest and after 15-20 minutes we reach the Asprochomata location. As soon as we pass Asprochomata, we leave the intersection on the right and continue straight ahead. Successively we come across the locations of Piraulos, Goni and after 40 minutes a crossroad on the right for Karoutia-Roidovouni. In 40 minutes we reach the Karoutia pass at an altitude of 1800 m. From here the path continues downhill to the left where in 10 minutes it reaches Karoutia. The view of Tymfi and the Aoos valley is unique.

Two paths continue to Rodovouni. The top which is sparsely marked is slightly more difficult as it passes the “Louda’s Staircase” which may seem a bit exposed to some. The lower path can be found from Karoutia slightly downhill and to the left. Its first steps are not typical as it moves in a clearing with some rocks to the right and left. The path is then clear as it traverses the forest and passes very nice pits and small wooded ridges. Just before it reaches the characteristic “Davelis gap” where it meets the upper path, it becomes a little more inconspicuous. From Davelis gap the path is clearly visible again and now traverses Roidovouni until after 20-30 minutes it reaches a clearing below the peak. Signage leads the hiker to the left through the forest to the summit but it is as if he hasn’t come at all if he doesn’t make the approach from the right-south side next to the chaotic cliffs with the incredible view of Tymfi that you really think you can touch it. Then the mountain leads you to the top by going east and after a while north.